Positive outlook for the passage of the gambling bill by end of year, concludes 2nd Brazilian Gaming Congress

Regardless of the impeachment vote happening on the BgC day one, numerous politicians attended the event to demonstrate their support for the authorisation of gambling in Brazil.

Over 230 attendees packed the room at Windsor Plaza Brasilia on May 11 and 12 to hear the Brazilian law makers speak out enthusiastically in support of the gambling bill, seen as a measure to attract investment, fight off the illegal market and bring much needed revenue to the state. Federal Deputies Nelson Marquezelli, Elmas Nacimiento and Herculano Passos made public statements at the event, pointing out at the six month timeline for the bill to go through the amendments and voting, to be then signed by the new president, appointed on the same day of BgC. The impeachment proceedings and change of the president, according to all of the politicians present at the event, are not likely to affect the process, and the early conversations with the new president, Michel Temer, indicate his support for the quickly passage of the gambling bill.

The update delivered by the law makers key to the process provided the industry in attendance an injection of confidence in the seriousness of the political will to push the bill forward. Some outstanding issues still remain, in particular around the proposed taxation levels and online gambling. The event served therefore also as a platform for the industry to call for the creation of sensible and business friendly policy and regulatory framework that will help create a solid and robust industry. ‘The event was preceeded by uncertainty due to the political changes in power in Brazil, but concluded instead with excitement and anticipation for the soon-to-be legalised market, said Clarion’s Head of Content, Ewa Bakun. There is now a pressure for the industry participants to put together their market entry strategy for Brazil to account for the expected quick progress of the bill, which we will continue to support with the future events scheduled to return to Brazil as soon as autumn this year.’

In the meantime, key findings of the 2nd Brazilian Gaming Congress will be shared with at Clarion’s upcoming event in Miami, Juegos Miami, during the BgC Briefing on June 1, that will feature BgC speakers and attendees, including Waldir Marques Junior, General Coordinator, Ministry of Finance-Economic Policy SPE, Magnho Jose, President IJL, Luiz Felipe Maia, Director, FRANCO, YOSHIYASU, MAIA, SIMÕES & D’ALESSIO ADVOGADOS and Igor Federal Trafane, President, Brazilian Texas Hold’em Confederation (CBTH).

For more information on Clarion’s next event in Brazil, please contact Rory Credland at rory.credland@clarionevents.com


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Clarion returns to Brazil in May 2016

The 2nd BgC will build on the spectacular success of the inaugural Brasilian Gaming Congress 2013 and Clarion’s continued relationship with Brasilian stakeholders, including CAIXA, SEAE and state lotteries.

As Brasil moves ahead in its legalisation process, the general consensus exists amongst the key stakeholders that there is a favourable political climate for the government’s authorisation of gaming in the country. While various bills and legalisation options are being considered, questions arise on the scope of regulation, possible regulatory framework and opportunities available to international and local companies.



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