International Legislators’ Agenda

International Legislators’ Agenda

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International Legislators’ Agenda

First organised alongside ICE London in 2017, ILA is a dedicated educational and networking initiative aimed at providing an invite-only platform for policy-makers, legislators, elected officials and government bodies to share best practice in the legislation and regulation of gambling.


With the authorisation of gambling being currently debated and studied by Brazilian legislators, Clarion Gaming and the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) have partnered with the Parliament Front in Defence of Tourism of the National Congress to offer this learning opportunity to the legislative and executive bodies the country.


International Legislators’ Agenda, open to Brazil’s policy-makers, legislators and government officials and taking place at the heart of the country legislative arm, Chamber of Deputies, will feature international experts who will share their experiences and be available for questions and one-on-one conversations, including  Senator William P. Coley, II, State of Ohio Senate, Becky Harris, Chairwoman, Nevada Gaming Control Board and former NV Senator, Paulo Duarte Lopes, Director of Gaming Activity Planning and Control Director from the Ministry of Tourism of Portugal, Carlos Carrion, Chairman Mexico Committee, AGEM and Michael Pollock, Executive Director of NCLGS - National Council of Legislators from Gaming States.

Download the ILA agenda here

Themes to be covered:

  • Gaming & politics – changing attitudes towards gambling regulation and overcoming consumers’/electorate’s concerns around the authorisation of gambling
  • Policy goals of regulation – setting your objectives to shape the legislation and regulation
  • Deciding the scope of regulation: casino, IR, online, land-based, sports betting etc. Understanding how different verticals and channels impact on your policy goals, job creation and economic growth; what kind of tax revenue and investment they generate, and what the timelines are for implementation and ROI
  • Gaming & state revenue – what revenue can gambling regulation generate to the state and how to use it back for the benefit of the society, to grow local economy and help communities
  • Gaming & taxation – evaluating and setting appropriate taxation levels to achieve budget goals and drive illegal gambling out
  • Gaming & consumer protection – creating a gambling regulatory scheme that protects the consumer and offers a framework for resolving disputes, seek help if needed and provides financial safeguards
  • Responsible and Problem Gambling – understanding the interlink, both negative and positive, between gambling regulation and the levels of problem gambling. Using regulatory framework to identify ‘at-risk’ gamblers, prevent the rise in gambling addiction and finance structures to deal with problem gamblers
  • Deciding the scope of regulation: casino, IR, online, land-based,
  • Enforcement and control – Reviewing regulatory models around the world and adopting those that offer strict controls and create a solid framework to fight illegal gambling


The event is open to Brazilian legislators only, with few opportunities for industry representatives. For more information, please contact Ewa Bakun at (ENG) and Liliana Costa at (PORT).


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