22-24 April 2018, São Paulo, Brazil


Innovation Group


For more than 30 years, professionals at The Innovation Group have helped bring many of the world’s largest entertainment and hospitality brands to life.  Our team’s strengths span the entire concept cycle, from big-picture thinking that sparks new development strategies to meticulous detail management critical to gaming operations.  With our diverse expertise, rock-solid reputation, and global reach, The Innovation Group builds lasting relationships with clients worldwide.

Successful developments demand a range of talents and capabilities.  Our visionary thinkers generate pie-in-the-sky development ideas, while our operations experts keep businesses running efficiently once the doors open.  Both are supported by a team of skilled analysts who dive deep into the data and emerge with actionable strategies.  The Innovation Group’s teams of in-house and affiliated experts adeptly cover a broad range of industry needs. 

Whether engaged to advise on economic, financial, social, or political issues, The Innovation Group has earned a reputation for accuracy, objectivity, and reliability — a distinct advantage for clients looking to expedite their projects with the maximum advantage.

Having worked with clients and governments on projects all over the world, our team understands the trends, demographics, cultural forces, and best practices at work across six continents and 80 countries.  We continue to strategically navigate the growing Asian, European and Latin American markets as they set the stage for expansion of casino and hospitality developments, staying on the lookout for alternative growth routes that are less dependent on a singular trend.

The Innovation Group is committed to staying one step ahead of the changes that continue to transform the leisure industry, adapting our own business and services to help clients survive and thrive in the evolving gaming and entertainment landscape.  As activity has shifted from the construction of new brick-and-mortar properties to more efficient technologies and less reliance on capital, we have helped clients build out instead of up, taking into account the shift in demand from gaming to non-gaming activities.  We also understand the gaming technologies of tomorrow, helping clients capture new online casino and social gaming revenue to balance the decline of traditional sources.

The Innovation Group collaborates with clients to navigate the long, complex, and often tricky road from vision to fruition.  Our experts work alongside critical stakeholders at every stage of the development process.  We provide insight that drives intelligent decisions and strategies that lead to enduring success.  For more information on our services, please visit www.theinnovationgroup.com





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