BgC Agenda

BgC 2019 put you in the driver’s seat. Longer format sessions granted unrivalled access to speakers and allowed you to put your views forward, guaranteeing your voice was heard and that you could find all the answers your business needed.

Meticulously scheduled, the event gave you a comprehensive overview of gaming in Brazil, covering the whole industry spectrum:

  • Privatisation of state lottery concessions – case study and market impact
  • Fixed-odds sports betting regulation – land-based & online
  • Integrated Resort Casino bill – what progress has been made and where is the support?
  • Timescale of regulations – when will there be tangible changes made?
  • Regulation specifics: licensing structures, tax levels, practical requirements
  • Responsible Gambling: requirements and best practice in land-based & online
  • Practical Sportsbook Workshop: advice for Brazilian companies and international operators
  • Online operators’ panel: how the government can create an attractive proposition for international investment
  • How to construct a regulatory body which allows for cross-industry dialogue
  • Positive social impact of gaming – how government can use tax revenue for good and improve industry perceptions

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